Job Relations (JR) is a fundamental element of Lean and an important component of TWI. Its purpose is to develop the skill of leading. Used correctly JR will help supervisors, and any other leader of people, avoid problems though proven principles. And if problems do arise JR provides a 4-step process for handling the situation in a fact based, non-emotional, manner. The "Facilitator" version of this JR course can be used to prepare for your own 5-day, in person, JI course. You will be able to see a live, 5-day JR course, unfold before your eyes as Roger Bilas leads 10 students through the entire 10-hour course. You'll see the students learn and grow throughout the week while also seeing how Roger helps the students work through the JR process.
Job Relations Overview
Day 1: Discuss the Supervisor's 5 Needs
Day 1: Describe Supervisor's Problems as Regards to Job Relations
Day 1: A Supervisor Meets Their Needs Through Relationships with People
Day 1: Present the Foundations
Day 1: Develop the Individual Chart
Day 1: Define a Problem
Day 1: Introduce the TWI Method
Day 1: Summarize the 4-Step Job Relations Method
Day 1: The Foundations For Good Relations
Day 1: How Problems Come Up
Day 1: Different Types of Problems Supervisors Face
Day 2: Review the 4-Step JR Method
Day 2: Using JR: The Tom Problem
Day 2: Opinions and Feelings are Hard to Get
Day 2: The Standard Procedure
Day 2: Using the JR: The Tom Problem ( Classroom)
Day 2: Using JR: Standardized Work Challenges (Classroom)
Day 2: Using JR: Military Case Study (Classroom)
Day 3: Review the 4-Step JR Method
Day 3: Weighing and Deciding And The Use of Classroom Examples
Day 3: Using JR: The Jackie Story (Classroom)
Day 3: Using JR: 5S Problems (Classroom)
Day 3: Using JR: Not Coming Back from Breaks On Time (Classroom)
Day 4: Using JR: Personal Use (Classroom)
Day 4: Taking Preventive Action and Checking Results
Day 4: Using JR: The Carol Story (Classroom)
Day 4: Using JR: Sleeping on the Job (Classroom)
Day 4: Using JR: Problems at the Boys & Girls Club (Classroom)
Day 5: Deep Review of the 4-step Method
Day 5: Advantages the JR Method Brings to Supervisors
Day 5: The Importance of Supervisors
Day 5: Using JR: Problems with Marching Band Moms (Classroom)
Day 5: Using JR: Challenges During the Hiring Process (Classroom)
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