Day 1: Job Relations Overview
Day 1: Discuss the Supervisor's 5 Needs
Day 1: Describe Supervisor's Problems as Regards to Job Relations
Day 1: A Supervisor Meets Their Needs Through Relationships with People
Day 1: Present the Foundations
Day 1: Develop the Individual Chart
Day 1: Define a Problem
Day 1: Introduce the TWI Method
Day 1: Summarize the 4-Step Job Relations Method
Day 1: The Foundations For Good Relations
Day 1: How Problems Come Up
Day 1: Different Types of Problems Supervisors Face
Day 2: Review the 4-Step JR Method
Day 2: Using JR: The Tom Problem
Day 2: Opinions and Feelings are Hard to Get
Day 2: The Standard Procedure
Day 3: Review the 4-step JR Method
Day 3: Weighing And Deciding And The Use Of Classroom Examples
Day 4: Taking Preventive Action and Checking Results
Day 5: Deep Review of the 4-step Method
Day 5: Advantages the JR Method Brings to Supervisors
Day 5: The Importance of Supervisors
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