Daily Management System

The Daily Management System is foundational to the long-term success of excellence at any organization. A Daily Management System allows us to know on a daily basis whether we are on-track or off-track to meeting our goals, to take corrective action, and to check that past actions and improvements are being sustained. While it is very simple and common sense in practice, the design and introduction of a well-functioning system requires careful study and planning.

Lean Daily Management System Overview

A Daily Management System enables an organization to meet daily operational goals while sustaining improvement long term. Learn the four building blocks and seven essential enablers of a Daily Management System.

Getting Started with a Daily Management System

Building a Daily Management System requires planning, preparation, and careful evaluation of an organization’s readiness. Learn how the four main routines of daily management must work together, what the three basic preparatory activities are, and how to assess readiness.

How to Conduct a DMS Readiness Assessment

The Daily Management System (DMS) is a simple yet powerful way to get everyone involved in communicating and improving every day. However, the long-term success and sustainability of DMS requires that we have accounted for potential pitfalls and systemic gaps. Learn how the DMS Readiness Assessment guides learners through a process to quickly check for gaps in the seven enablers of DMS.

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