Obeya Operations Center

For first-time visitors to Toyota Motor Corporation’s offices, many are surprised to discover an operating environment without traditional cubicles and offices –the obeya. The obeya method is the most effective way to visually manage strategy, projects, and day-to-day operations. In this presentation, Sam MacPherson shares his experience on how obeya engages leadership teams through face-to-face communication, collaboration, organizational problem solving, and teamwork.

How Sam Encountered The Obeya Operations Center
Three Operating Principles Underlying Obeya
Sam MacPherson explains the meaning of the obeya and shows examples of large rooms functioning as operational control centers.
What Is An Obeya?
Why Establish An Obeya?
Types Of Obeya Layout And Complexity
How To Build Your "Big Room"
How Obeya Connects Strategy And Frontline Management
What Metrics Should Be In The Obeya?
Sam MacPherson explains how to prioritize and select the most important things to measure, visualize, and track in the obeya.
The Truth Telling Room
Audience Q&A - How Would You Set Up An Obeya To Monitor Performance Of Multiple Satellite Offices?
Audience Q&A - Is The Obeya More Suited For Departmental Or Functional Area Than Cross-functional?

Sam MacPherson answers audience questions.

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