Everyday Innovators Toolbox

The Innovator's Toolbox is designed to unlock your talent. and provide you with tools to ignite your innovation.  It's specifically designed to allow you to get in, get what you need, and get out quickly to get the results you are looking for.

The 54 videos containing downloadable PDF's and Case Studies have 4 key segments:

Unlock your innovative style

Innovate - how to ignite and differientiate yourself

Influence - communicate your ideas and

Impact - finding the inspiration you need.

Welcome and What to Expect
Starter Guide
Power of Human Centered Innovation
Importance of Strength Based Approach
Science of Innovation
The Style of Innovation
The Real Definition of Innovation
Open Questions: Getting Buy-In For Your Ideas
Create Small Experiments: Bring Your Ideas to Life
Benefits of the IQE - Individual and Team Organization
How to Overcome Your Internal Resistors to Change - Fight, Flight or Freeze
Innovate + Analyze: Two Steps for Creating a Wealth of Innovative Ideas
Pain and Possibilities: Getting Buy-In For Your Ideas
5 Ways to Build Your Risk Taking Muscles
Case Study: Stephanie Futuristic Collaborative and the Client Manager
How You Navigate and Successfully Lead Others Through Change
5-Layers Deep Method: Go Deep to the Root to Generate Real Solutions
Getting Legacy Thinkers On Board with Change and Innovation
Case Study: Kara the Inquisitive Collaborative and Project Manager
How You Sabotage Yourself and Become Closed Off to Change and Innovation
Get Expansive - Go Wide for more Innovative Ideas
5 Keys to Leading a Successful Brainstorm
How Fear of Change Shows Up for You
Motivation and Drivers: Everyday Innovators Personality Cheat Sheet
Appreciative Inquiry: Leverage What's Working for Innovation
Creating an Innovation Feedback Loop that Solves Your Biggest Problems and Unearths Big Opportunities
How You Learn: Everyday Innovators Personality Cheat Sheet
Yes and Yes But: Build and Strengthen Your Ideas
Criteria Setting: Move the Right Ideas Move Forward and the Wrong Ideas Move Aside
Case Study: Anthony Tweaker Collaborative and President of a Company
How to Overcome Your Internal Resistors to Change - Grief Curve
Building a Powerful Personal Brand
Idea-Caching: Create Ideas from a Diverse Group of People and Perspectives
Stoplight Activity: Organizing and Prioritizing Your Ideas for Action
Case Study: Everyday Innovator Mia Brown turned a 50-cent to-go container into the biggest win of her career
How You Add Value and Cause Friction
Innovate 4 Ways: Create More Robust Ideas
What's In It For Them: Getting Buy-In For Your Ideas
Where You Shine in the Innovation Workflow
Look All Ways: Explore Across a Wide Range of Ideas and Solutions
The Power of Tell Me More
Case Study: Tamara and Re-arranging the Box
Building Psychological Safety with Diverse Everyday Innovator Styles
12-Minute Timer: Generate Large Quantities of Ideas and Get Them on Paper
Case Study: Tapping Power of Diversity of Thinking with Global Electronics Team
How You Get and Give Support with Your Everyday Innovator Styles
Incremental to Innovative Ideas: A Springboard to Create Close-In and Far-Out Ideas
Case Study: Breaking Down Mistrust and Siloes in Teams with Fast Food Teams
Word Games: Widen Your View to Create a Wealth of Innovative Ideas
Getting Yourself Out of the Rip Tide that Keeps You Stuck in Place or Feeling Overwhelmed
Jump the Curve: Avoid the Cliff and Create New Paths to Success
How Gratitude Releases Stress and Increases Creativity
Getting Into a State of Flow
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