A key role of a facilitator is to help participants of meetings, workshops, conferences, or other events meet certain objectives within a set amount of time. Facilitation skills and practices help engage people in change, improvement, or innovation activities. Learn what a facilitator is and is not, how they facilitate different types of activities, and the seven key facilitation skills.

What Is Facilitation?
Getting Started with Facilitation
Facilitation Skill #1: Being Prepared
Facilitation Skill #2: Creating an Agenda
Facilitation Skill #3: Engaging All Participants
Facilitation Skill #4: Active Listening
Facilitation Skill #5 Maintaining Focus
Facilitation Skill #6: Timekeeping
Facilitation Skill #7: Enabling Achievement
How Facilitators Use Games, Simulations, and Icebreakers
How Facilitators Motivate Participants
How to Use a Parking Lot to Stay On Track
How to Use SPACER to Start Meetings
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