Leader Standard Work

The concept of Leader Standard Work is not new, yet many organizations struggle with it. During this live training seminar - shot at the Peterbilt Manufacturing Facility in Denton, Texas - Mike Wroblewski explains what Leader Standard Work is, how to successfully implement it, and most importantly how to maintain it with the powerful Kamishibai audit system. Please plan approximately 30 minutes of learning time for each module, including watching the video, taking the quiz, and reviewing supporting documents.

Introduction to Leader Standard Work

Gemba Academy Co-Founder Ron Pereira introduces our Leader Standard Work course.

How We Learn to Be Leaders

Mike Wroblewski introduces the concept of Leader Standard Work while drawing parallels to successful American football teams.

The Role of a Lean Leader

Mike Wroblewski explains Principle 9 of the Toyota Way.

What Is a Lean Management System?

Mike Wroblewski explains the difference between a lean production system and a lean management system.

Lean Management and Process Focus

Mike Wroblewski challenges the audience with a simple question: "Are you working in the process or on the process?"

What Is Leader Standard Work?

Mike Wroblewski explains how Leader Standard Work is all about sustainability and accountability built into the practice of daily, weekly, and monthly checks of the actual condition of the gemba.

What Does Your Typical Day Look Like?

Mike Wroblewski and the workshop participants discuss what a typical day looks like for them.

How to Create Leader Standard Work

Mike Wroblewski breaks down the differences between Leader Standard Work for frontline supervisors all the way up to senior management.

Example Role Play of Leader Standard Work Coaching

Mike Wroblewski and workshop participant Laura walk through a Leader Standard Work coaching simulation.

Tips for Coaching Through Leader Standard Work

Mike Wroblewski and the class review the live coaching session, including the importance of truly listening.

How Visual Controls Support Leader Standard Work

Mike Wroblewski stresses the importance of good visual controls in creating successful Leader Standard Work.

Processes Confirmation with a Kamishibai System

Mike Wroblewski explains one of the simplest yet most powerful auditing systems available today: the Kamishibai System.

Daily Accountability Through Huddle Meetings

The hardest part of Leader Standard Work is the need for daily accountability and discipline. Mike Wroblewski explains how you can have both.

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